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My Tips and Ways to Get Pregnant

My Tips and Ways to Get Pregnant

Each married couple dream of to get their own children from the sharing of their lives. From the author's own experience, the authors also still waiting for the miracles in our married life. For your information, during this entry was written, the age of marriage is already stepping up to 4 years. Thats mean we have been together and sharing our joys of life for almost 4 years. Providence of God, we received good news at last in May 2015, when my 'Urine Pregnancy Test' shows 'double lines' which means to be Positive of pregnancy. 

At this moment I would like to share the tips that are practiced by the me during the efforts to conceive. It is hoped that this sharing can help couples out there in order to get pregnant. Best of luck guys.
Some Tips to get pregnant:

Pregnant Tips # 1 - Get an Ideal Weight

If your (wife) has a weight of obese or too thin, you are advised to lose weight before (for the obese) and weight gain (for that is too thin) to get the ideal body weight.

Pregnant Tips # 2 - Consume Folic Acid 

If you are in the process of TTC which mean Trying To Conceive, you are advised to take folic acid each day. The folic acid is used to fertilize the womb. From my own experience, take folic acid can increase the appetite and helps in the process of in order to raise the weight.

Pregnant Tips # 3 - Drink at least 8 glasses of plain water a day

Drink plenty of plain water at least 8 glasses a day is very important for the health of our bodies. Lack of water in the body can affect an individual's health and fertility.

Pregnant Tips # 4 - Avoid Eating FastFood

Fast food is not very nutritious and often eat fast food can be harmful to health. The main reason you are not allowed to eat 'fastfood' if you want to get pregnant because 'fastfood' contains a lot of additives that can affect our health system.

Pregnant Tips # 5 - Eat bean sprouts

By practicing eat bean sprouts regularly can help to improve fertility. According to a study, bean sprouts contain vitamin E  which is an antioxidant that is nutritious and can protect against free radicals. In addition, the bean sprouts are also able to contribute to male fertility. Bean sprout consumption by men able to produce better sperm.

Pregnant Tips # 6 - Massage with experience midwife or skilled masseur

In order to become pregnant also, the authors also tried to massage by a masseur who are experts in the field of massage. Massage can also relieve stress and release gas from the body.

Pregnant Tips # 7 - Avoid eating foods such as Pineapple, sugarcan juice and conconut water

Among the foods that you must avoid is PINEAPPLE, sugarcane juice, and coconut water.

Tips for pregnant # 8 - Practice drink goat's milk and dates

We are also have been drinking goat's milk and dates. Goat's milk and dates practice can help in nourishing the uterus of women and improving male fertility.

Pregnant Tips # 9 - Frequent together (make love) when the time of 'Ovulation Day'

The importance for women to know their fertile time. For women who have a normal menstrual cycle (28-32 days), their fertile time is between day 11 to day 19 after the first day of the last menstrual period. 

Pregnant Tips # 10 - Alert with mucous or mucous-like egg whites (Women)

Women should alert to any changes in themselve. Women must always alert to the presence of mucous or mucous-like egg whites on their underwear. The presence of mucus-like egg whites are the sign of FERTILE PHASE . Thus, the preferred time to be with your husband.

Pregnant Tips # 11 - Prayer, Prayer and Prayer to your creator or GOD

For those of us who believe in Islam, the main strong of us is PRAYER. Do not give up and keep on your prayers. God willing, our prayers will be granted. 
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